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The contribution of Android to economic growth

Android Operating System was created with the aim of offering an accessible and free development platform. The outcome of this has gone beyond expectations, generating a positive impact to the world’s economy. The launch of an open source system has allowed companies to reduce production costs by 25 percent, developers didn’t have to pay a fee for a license anymore and development time was reduced for those who chose to create their own personalized system. Android also helped to innovate the mobile market providing more choices for consumers, allowing developers to customize a wide range of mobile devices without...

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Android helps innovate the mobile market

According to Google´s registers there are more than 24,000 types of Android devices made by 1,300 different brands worldwide. Since its appearance Android has contributed to the rise of mobile market providing a wide range of choice for every kind of consumer.   People from all over the world now have access to powerful devices ranging between $100 and $500. Something that seemed unthinkable nearly 10 years ago, and Android´s contribution to the cause of getting more device options at affordable prices is undeniable. But, how does Android innovate the market? Well, to get started, being Android an open...

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What it takes to become an Android developer entrepreneur?

Android Developer Entrepreneurs decide to run their own business encouraged, at first, by the opportunities presented to them. These opportunity-driven kind of people come up with ideas for solving problems in the best way possible.   Keeping customers happy is one of their main goals, this mindset creates a great environment in which earning money is a consequence of a good service. Being aware of what your audience need is good start for the success of any business. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), entrepreneurship has accelerated the economic growth: 42% of working-age adults see good opportunities for...

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How Android device compatibility help apps work properly

Since its creation with the open source project, to provide accessibility has been one of Android main features. This gives developers the opportunity to reach a huge potential audience at global scale. As we’ve seen in previous articles, Android is present on smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablets and even wearables.   But, how does Android covers this wide range of devices? To do so, certain compatibility must be implemented in order to enable some features variability and user interfaces flexibility. This can even be done by using a single application package (APK). The Android app framework allows developers to specify...

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Soft skills every entrepreneur developer should have (and how to practice them)

An entrepreneur developer is someone willing to launch a new business, knowing that if something goes wrong a considerable amount of money could be lost. If you are already a Professional Android Developer and you have an application ready to hit the market on Google Play, you may want to consider improving some skills in order to increase revenues or get better opportunities. If that´s your case, you have done a good job by becoming an expert on a technical area, however when you starting selling, you have to consider things like how your customers buy and how they...

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