Having someone to help you understand about a new topic can be very helpful in your learning process. A tutor is a person who guides you through that process, teaching you about best techniques and practices or  just providing assistance to get you started.

Android Development Tutorials

As we’ve covered in a post on How to get the most out of your online education, is both a self-taught and a collaborative process. There are now a lot of online resources you’ll surely find useful, whether you need an introduction, being aware of Android development news and trends or move into an advanced level.

Despite all this, you should know that some resources are more complete than others. That’s why we´d like to tell you about some of the best Android development tutorials for beginners in 2017:   

  1. Vogel/a Android Development Tutorial

This is a great tutorial for beginners as it has a table of contents including concepts and definitions, Android Studio, testing, resources, view interactions, deployment and more.   

Created by vogella GmbH company,  it provides you a visual guide and some useful exercises to help you started as an Android developer. It is also an updated tutorial that covers Android’s newest version: Nougat.

  1. The New Boston´s Android Video Tutorials

This series of short-length videos will introduce you to Android App development, although the tutorial assumes you have some programming experience.

Here you’ll find 77 videos of different stages of app development, starting from installation and setting up tools, all the way to user interface, activities, gestures, animation & transitions,styles, GitHub integration and many more.  

It also contains an introduction to libGDX, a cross platform game-development application framework written in Java.  

  1. Android Developers Youtube Channel

This is the official Android video-posting channel, where you can be aware of recent news, live events, demos or tutorials. As usually in a Youtube channel, you’ll find plenty well-organized topics from development and performance patterns to DevBytes, short videos with answers you seek.   

They also cover the new released tools presented at Google I/O conferences. This is a perfect way for staying in tune with all things related to Android development.  

  1. Micro Master Program: Professional Android Developer

This recent and up to date program consists in 5 courses including Java fundamentals, Beginner Android, Advanced Android, Monetization & business models and a Capstone project, where you’ll prove the skills and knowledge you acquired.

All of this instructed by Google Experts that will guide you from beginner to advanced levels. Also, being an Professional Android developer online course, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace in an environment where everyone can teach and learn in a meaningful way.

If you really want to improve yourself in 2017 this program will allow you to enhance your career prospects, earning an industry-recognized credential and accelerate your pursue for a master’s degree.      

Besides, you will build your own portfolio and get prepare to take Google´s Associate Android Developer Certification Exam, to get to the top of your Android career this year.


All these are great ways to start in the Android world, although some options may be more complete than others, as we mentioned before. The important thing is that you do a previous research on the tutorial that you want to take and choose your best option to become a professional Android developer.