Android has helped to innovate the mobile market and has expanded apps distribution opportunities. For developers, interested on place their app in the top downloading lists, this also represents being involved in a very competitive environment.

Both, companies and entrepreneurs, are looking for strategies that allow them to reach more audiences. In order to accomplish this, we have learned how to create a successful Android app, however, there are other aspects to consider too, like How can we motivate users to download an app?

First impression matters

As an Android Expert points out “your app must impact users from the moment they see it on Google Play for the first time. This could be a meaningful difference to shine in the market.”

The study: Trust Your Gut or Think Carefully? reflects that people act irrationally when they are in extreme situations of anger or happiness. When users are in a positive mood they “put more faith in the length of a message, rather than its quality, or in the attractiveness of likability of the source”.

This data help us to understand the behaviour of users. If we generate a positive or negative emotion in their first impression, we have more chances to be noticed and influence them to download our app.

If we choose to create positive emotion, we could build a really good design or an excellent visual presentation, for example. If we choose to create negative emotion, we could think about what usually bothers the user and, after having captured their attention, offer them a solution.

Although first impressions may work for some users, the study also shows that users who think systematically, generally, take more accurate decisions. So, you must give a very good first impression but also take care of the functionality and usability of your app, in order to keep them interested and getting good reviews.

Appeal to the human

Marketers have created strategies based on users behaviour. Focus on emotions allows them to identify the interests and needs of their target group; this type of information help them to develop techniques to encourage and assure a purchase.

“You need to appeal to the human, not the buyer”, marketers communicate a feeling on the purchase. First, they focus on user´s needs and how their product makes them feel better, then they focus on the technical aspects.

An excellent way to take advantage of these insights to develop an application is to work on a communication and marketing strategy. Appealing to the human means to be empathic, you should be able to identify their interests and think why they are willing to download this particular application among all other options.

Taking recommendations is important to users, because that means trust in the community. Pay attention to reviews and take advantage on that, users can help you to fix bugs through their feedback and promote your product for free if they are satisfied.

Emotional User Experience

Considering the high competitiveness in the world of mobile applications, developers need to think about creating emotional experiences, along with usability and functionality.

Companies like All Tomorrows, have considered the use of emotions to develop applications since 2014. They have created several apps in a more internal and ethereal way for the users, in which they get in touch with their emotions.

Through beta testings and surveys, they found out that people use emojis to communicate, because this “can sometimes seem like an easier way to engage with complex feelings rather than translating them into words.”

So, considering to use emotions for app development may help you to create products with more empathy and assure more downloads.

Tell us, What motivates you to download an app? Does your app provoke an emotion?