We talked in a prior post about the different operating systems Android has released since its launch in 2009, in an article entitled What’s up with all these Android versions? There, we saw the attraction of Google’s developers for sweet treats, apparently an internal joke that has never been clarified.


But, Why the first Android versions don’t have any sweet code name? Android 1.5 Cupcake was its first major version and after that they have kept the alphabetic-ordered sugary naming tradition.

Versions 1.0 and 1.1 have been called by some people as Astro Boy and Bender, Alpha and Beta or even Apple Pie and Banana Bread, however, according to some official sources, that is a misunderstanding.   

A Short Android pre Cupcake 1.5 history

It appears that rather than working with sweet codes names they started working with milestones, where certain letter and number formed the name of the part of the project they were working on at the time.

On this article, some Android engineers explained how they ended up having codenames like “m3-rc37a”. Not something very easily to follow, right? Definitely, that situation led to think about other designation system.  

So, when they decided to switch to a new scheme for building numbers, they were using letter C and realized they could pick names alphabetically from now on. However, the question about why they chose to name them after sweets still remains.

Maybe it is just because they like tasty treats that much, and that is completely justified as long as they keep building Android’s sweet and nice features they have been providing us for almost ten years.