Since smartphones and tablets invaded the mobile device market in the first decade of this century, millions of applications have been created to make our lives easier, unifying global society.

Among the millions of applications, we find some widely-known such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Gmail. Some may say that these kind of apps generate fewer problems to users, thanks to the support they have from big companies. However they are not exempt from criticism.

If you are thinking about developing Android apps, then you should be aware of some of the things that bother mobile device users.

Problems of mobile Apps that annoys users the most

Despite having passed ten years now since mobile apps started to make sense given the type of devices that were coming out, some applications might not get user’s full satisfaction.

In the UK, young people from ages 16 to 24 were asked about the main problems of mobile apps, according to their own personal experience. The most common response was that applications that display ads were the ones which bothered them the most (67%).

Some users might not be exactly thrilled about ads, some others might accept this is the way it has to be, however, improving this aspect is certainly a challenge for a sector that depends, in a large part, on this business model: In-App Advertising.

Applications running slow

In second place of the survey, they mentioned to be annoyed when apps present loading problems or a deficient performance.

Even though apps often perform more efficiently on high-range and mid-range phones, you should know that most Android users own mid-range and low-end devices. For instance, according to Samsung’s sales reports, only 29% of their sales on mobile devices are equivalent to high-end devices, while the rest is distributed on lower range devices.

As we’ve seen before, something that you have to keep in mind when developing apps is to provide the best possible experience for users, regardless of the device range.

Push notifications

Another problem users complain about is related to push notifications that constantly appear without being specifically requested.

Push notifications are very functional in social networks, since they keep users aware of any movement or activity (messages received, users connected, upcoming events etc.), however, in other types of apps, where there is not a constant attention, these advices could cause some discomfort.

It is true that Android has made efforts to allow users to turn off push notifications in  easier ways, although some of them could still see it with bad eyes. They don’t forget whenever this type of messages suddenly appear, wasting their time.

Wrapping up

Other issues related to performance, graphic quality or effectiveness could be brought to the table and that’s why you should be aware of this general thoughts about apps in order to help you creating the best app experience.

You can say some of these situations should be solved, while some others are inevitable to happen. The important thing is to know what users think about it and how this could harm an app.

What do you think about these problems of mobile apps?