In the annual conference of Google I/O, several advances and new special tools were announced for the improvement of Android OS and for the use of developers.

One of these announcements was the new Android Vitals dashboard in the Google Play Console, which will help developers on important phases of app development in terms of security, battery usage, stability and render time.

Android Vitals will work as a tester to help developers identifying flaws that let them improve app performance. This way, number of installs and engagement in the Play Store could be increased.

Android Vitals Dashboards

With Google´s Play Console Dashboards you will be able to detect how much of the device battery your app consumes, if it has sudden shutdowns or an slow performance. It also calculates ANR (Application Not Responding) rate, speed changes, frame freezing or excessive device activations by push notifications and other events.

This tool will also inform you how many users are seeing each feature of the app, according to the version they have. This makes it easier to detect any problems for the user, enabling you to work to solve specific inconvenients that affect them.

To provide a better experience, Vitals will apply what some have called “wise limits”, allowing to use only the required network to make the app work. Wise Limits will also place additional limits on background apps.

Android Profiler

In the same matter, Google unveiled new performance profiling tools. These tools will be added to Android Studio 3.0 and will also enable developers to have a visual interpretation about a running app.

Android Profiler will replace Android Monitor tools, which had a similar but less effective function. These new tool, according to Google, will allow you to monitor the use of networks or CPU and RAM in real time, through charts that will measure the constant and average performance of the app.

This way, developers can save a lot of time to find and fix bugs that make the app slower or cause an unexpected closure.

Security for Android users

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the introduction of a new feature for security: Google Play Protect, helping to detect configurations that could break security rules. We can say that all these new tools are coming out to work together in order to improve Android apps performance.  

User experience enhanced

With these new tools, provided by the Android platform, developers will be able to report and analyze their application performance in an easier, faster and more accurate way, improving all the process of developing amazing mobile apps.

Google hopes these new tools make developers feel better assisted, getting the most out of them to  increase apps value, downloadings and engagement at Play Store.

Android Vitals, profiling tools added to Android Studio and Google Play Protect will help developers with apps performance and stability, so users can have a better experience when using them.

What do you think about all these new tools? Do you agree all of them will improve the Android experience?