Today you can learn step by step how to build an app, but when it comes to monetize your Android app, suddenly you find yourself with a saturated market where thousands of apps are ready to be downloaded.

In the past, we mentioned 5 ways to promote your app, however, we know monetizing your app could be challenging, so we´d like to mention some other strategies to start making profits out of it.

Monetizing a mobile app, it’s a matter of strategy

As your already know, there are basically three business models to get revenues from an app, and each one has its pros and cons; however, we want to remind you the importance of being aware about the purpose of your app and what category it belongs to.

We recommend you to check out the top 10 grossing apps in your category and evaluate their monetization strategy, pricing (if it has one) and any other in-app integrations. By doing this, you will get an idea of how you to proceed with your app.

The low–profile strategies can be useful too

Being an Android developer also requires to be sort of a good marketer (or at least have one in your team). You must study the market to know what is being done out there and whether if it’s working or not.

You could make use of low-profile strategies to promote your app as well:

  1. Strong content strategies

This is one of the best ways to convert new or infrequent users into lifelong-paying users. How so? By refreshing your app content regularly. That way, users have a good reason to keep coming back to your app for more. If there´s a constant stream of new content, users will find value in your app.

Just make sure there’s something irresistible in this content, so you can keep your  most frequent (or new) customers coming back for more.  Remember planning is key, and you should have a 3 to 5 years strategy in place after the app is released.

  1. Signups and e-mails lists

Using an email strategy can make your app to get more engagement from your customers. An email marketing campaign is an easy way to make sure users actually see your content.

If you have a newsletter, push it through your app. With this strategy, you will be adding value to your audience. Also, sending emails about promotions or deals will keep your brand in their top of mind; email lists are marketing gold.

  1. Sponsors and partnerships

A great source of revenue is getting a partnership with another brand. All you need to do is find a partner with a similar customer base, who can add something to the experience of your users.

Be sure of create an integrated experience. If you consider the idea of forming a partnership to strengthen your brand outreach, just try to associate with the right partner.

  1. SMS Marketing

Using SMS marketing is another way to stay in touch and communicate with your customers.

You can use in-app prompts, like the ones used for collecting email addresses; you can send news about app updates, reminders, contests or promotions. Build your brand loyalty, give SMS marketing a try.

These are some other monetization strategies to take into consideration, If you want to take advantage and generate an app revenue, then get enrolled in the Monetize Android apps course and watch your business grow.