As a professional, you definitely know that experience is needed to do a nice job and be successful in what you do. But, in order to have experience, first you must be part of a learning process, in which you’ll make some mistakes; So, it would be helpful if you read these advices for beginners in Android development.

If you´re an Android developer entrepreneur you know that this process is not easy. In fact, it´s a really challenging work. So, here are some advices that will help you to know the DO’s and DON’Ts for a rookie in Android development:

  1. Study the documentation provided by Google

Probably this advice seems pretty obvious, but have you taken the time to study Google´s documentation for Android apps development?

If you are going to develop Android apps, then you should study thoroughly all the information about Google’s policies, Cast guides, Android developers guide, and all the documentation updates that Google offers.

You can also consult guides, tutorials and many more materials to create Android applications. Inform yourself, it’s worth your time, just DO read.

  1. Know the programming language, of course!

Logically, if you want to develop an Android app you need to know the Android programming language.

If you´re a total beginner in Android app development, you should learn Java, which is the official language for Android development, supported by Android Studio.

Although Java is typically used, this is not the only option. In fact, we recommend that you master several languages perfectly to be a more versatile and complete Android programmer. Be aware, for instance, that Kotlin will become a more common programming language in the next years.

  1. Ask another Android developer for help if you need it

There are times when we simply need to ask for help. Because sometimes, not even the information that Google gives us (or that we can find on the Internet) can solve our specific questions.

That is why if you have a doubt, DON´T hesitate to ask another Android app developer, who has more experience than you.

However, sometimes you could be unsatisfied with an advice. In that case, you should rely on the Android community, which is ready to help new programmers who are starting in the app development process. You are more likely to succeed if you recognize whenever you need some help!

  1. First create the prototype, then develop the app

Have you found an app idea worth to be developed? Great, then it’s time to start working on that idea! So, we recommend you that before start programming, first prepare the prototype of your app.

Why? Well, the process gets much easier when you make a prototype, so you can have a previous idea of how it will turn out once you finish.

You can find valuable tools of prototyping useful for this task, to suit your needs. Once the prototype gets validated, it will be time to for you to start developing.

DON’T underestimate this phase, which can save you a lot of work and money, later in your app development process.

So, now you have in mind the most relevant DO’s and DON’Ts in Android development for beginners. Of course, you have to consider some others challenges you will face, but they will come later in time.

Also, you have to be updated about all the new features of Android OS. Make sure you DON´T forget to develop these skills to become a successful entrepreneur developer.