Android Developers have to use several tools to design, program and test their projects, in order to create an optimized app with no bugs or issues that cause trouble to users.

Before 2013, developers used to depend more of unofficial tools and platforms to create their applications. Some of these unofficial tools were subject of criticism by experts and developers due to constant bugs or crashes.

At Google I/O 2013, the company presented new tools and a more friendly environment that changed the working flow for developers. However, the unofficial tools kept working and users continued to use them because they were more used to their functionality.

Android still gives support to some of those tools, but they keep promoting their official SDKs in order to give more confidence to developers and users.

We´d like to present some of the advantages of using these Android Oficial Tools for app development, explaining the reasons you should use them:

Simple integration

It makes sense that if you’re using Android official tools Android, you’re going to get a simple integration between the tools you’re using, while everything runs fluidly. Using Android assures you a better and easier programming experience.

Better design and distribution

Android tools, like Android Studio, have a better workspace distribution, which helps to make a friendly environment of app development. The workspace distribution of Android Studio, for example, is more natural than Eclipse’s workspace, platform that usually gets bad reviews for its design and interface.

However, we have to mention that Eclipse is still compatible with the last versions of Android development tools.

Complete Support

As suspected, after Google introduced Android Studio, the company started to focus their support on this platform. Eventually, the support to some third parties tools and platforms started to decrease until they definitely stopped being used.

One of them was the mentioned Eclipse, the most popular IDE for developers before Android Studio.

All in One

Android official tools provide the essentials you need to think, develop and test your app before you upload it to Google Play: debuggers, emulators, tutorials or a wide documentation to improve your development process and optimize your time when building a project.


Every updates and new (or fixed) features that Android announces for app development will be shown first through their official tools. Going on the line of adaptation, that’s a great advantage for developers who use these tools, as they will get used to the changes before anyone else.

Android Developers have multiple choices to create their projects. Each one has their pros and cons, however, we recommend to use the Android official tools in order to have better support and efficiency to create your projects.