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Why should Android Developers continue making apps?

It is well known that Android has released more apps than its competitors to date. Since Q1 of this year almost 2.8 billions apps were stored in Google Play (and counting). Of course, making apps is something remarkable that -without doubt- has been achieved thanks to the Android Open Source Project and the way economy has been shaped by the mobile app market.   However, with so many competition out there, some valid questions might come up into beginner developers minds: Why should someone still be interested to be an App Developer  and making apps these days? or Despite...

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Affordable Android devices on the market

So far, We’ve mentioned about the characteristics of open source code platforms such as Android, and how it has contributed to economic growth and have provided more options for consumers, among other things. Apart from this contribution to the mobile app market, Android can also be considered a reference when it comes to enable people to acquire this kind of technology, in terms of affordability. Affordable Android Devices Whether in emerging markets, where growth rate has increased in recent years as it is the case India, or in markets with more disadvantageous conditions as it is the case of...

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Why Android MOOCs like the MicroMasters program are important for your tech knowledge?

We live in a time when getting tech knowledge is crucial to understand and be part of the economy that is currently shaping the world. Given their characteristics, online courses can help you improve yourself or boost your professional career. Of course, there might be people who have learned about certain tech topics by themselves, they even may have great technical skills and know the latest trends in mobile app development. However, these people may need to work to get stronger bases. This strengthening of knowledge must come from somewhere anyway, and that’s where a MOOC becomes handy. The...

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Kotlin: A new supported language in Android

The news that Google I/O offers annually allows developers to learn trends and detect opportunities in the mobile applications market. Although Android is close to become the most popular operating system, it continues amazing everyone. In this year edition of this highly expected event, it was announced the integration of a new programming language in Android App development: Kotlin. Kotlin was launched by JetBrains in 2011, and in 2012 the project became open source. The announcement of its integration with Android OS opens up many opportunities for developers who are familiar with this language and it is also an...

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What is the Google DevRel team?

Google DevRel team (Developer Relations) is an important part of this global organization, as they evangelize their technologies and advocate for the needs of other developers. The DevRel team was founded in the US in 2006 with the goal of making Android, HTML5 and the Google Developer platform the greatest ecosystem for the developer community. Soon it expanded to Asia Pacific and Latin America, and in just four years it went global.   This is a group of very passionate people who share their love for Google products. They are engineers who play a huge role by spreading the...

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