It is well known that Android has released more apps than its competitors to date. Since Q1 of this year almost 2.8 billions apps were stored in Google Play (and counting). Of course, making apps is something remarkable that -without doubt- has been achieved thanks to the Android Open Source Project and the way economy has been shaped by the mobile app market.  

However, with so many competition out there, some valid questions might come up into beginner developers minds: Why should someone still be interested to be an App Developer  and making apps these days? or Despite its growth, is the mobile app market a stagnant market somehow?  

Well, the answers to those questions may vary depending on what part you want to play in the market. After asking those questions to the experienced instructors of the Professional Android Developer course, we can say that right now, if you think you are suddenly going to become millionaire out of an app idea, you have less chances than ten years ago.  

A different approach at making apps

Nevertheless, this does not mean it is an impossible thing to do, and it absolutely does not mean apps are not longer needed. As a developer, you might just need to search for a different approach: There are a lot of companies making apps for specific purposes.

That means, you can be part of a team that solves unique problems as well. According to your interests, you could change the way an industry you care about works, as GDE Adríán Catalán points out: “If you are passionate about the food industry, for instance, you could find an opportunity on how an app can improve the performance of certain task involved in the food processing”.

In the same line, but having a more technical interest (as many people show interest in the creation process only) maybe an important path for you is to be part of an startup, where another person is in charge of pursuing the company’s mission and you are just in charge of the implementation process.

This does not mean you’ll just have to follow someone else’s rules, instead it means you are going to focus on solving problems you really care about.

Many statistics point out the high demand and low supply in the mobile market, meaning that people learning and gaining technical skills on app development are in a great position here. This year´s Google I/O event taught us that Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence on mobiles will provide many job opportunities in the future.  

A Changing market

Now, regarding that other question at the beginning, it is true the mobile app market has changed, yet it will continue changing.  

Some years ago, you could find the conditions you normally find when a new field is being generated. This does not mean it was any easier before, it just means it was different. This evolution of the app market has forced developers to find creative solutions to earn a place in the market.

We’ve mentioned some things you can do in order to stand out as a developer, however you might want to consider other ways to achieve success through making apps.

You can never underestimate the importance of knowing and listening to your users, having a plan behind the app we build, and working on your app with a holistic approach, in which you know every care about each part of your process will lead you to create a better product.  

Do you agree with all we’ve stated here? What do you think about the conditions of the mobile app market today?