So far, We’ve mentioned about the characteristics of open source code platforms such as Android, and how it has contributed to economic growth and have provided more options for consumers, among other things.

Apart from this contribution to the mobile app market, Android can also be considered a reference when it comes to enable people to acquire this kind of technology, in terms of affordability.

Affordable Android Devices

Whether in emerging markets, where growth rate has increased in recent years as it is the case India, or in markets with more disadvantageous conditions as it is the case of certain countries from Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia or Kenya to name a few), Google has worked with local manufactures to offer affordable devices to users.

Some devices have even been launched for less than US$100. But there is more, In India for example, Docoss X1, one of the cheapest Android phones, came to cost 888 rupees (US$14 approximately).

We cannot deny Android´s contributions in this sense. just as we have mentioned in more than one opportunity, this favours all app ecosystem: carriers, manufactures, developers and users; which at the same time helps to innovate the app market.   

Competitivity of Android devices

Android´s goal of increasingly provide more technology to all parts of the world has a secondary effect: it makes Android a competitive platform.  

This is a significant situation to take advantage of, since many operating systems considered as the direct competition of Android offer high cost devices, which very few people in emerging or developing countries can afford to pay.

This might be one of the reasons why Android is close to become the most popular Operating System, because, if you think about it, a smartphone it’s the first type of technology people usually get in touch with nowadays, and it can be so much meaningful in developing countries. It helps to democratize information too.   

This does not mean, Low-pricing is the only thing that makes Android competitive. In order to be in the place that Android has reached today, you must provide great products, something that Google has understood very well.

What do you think about the affordable Android devices? Do you agree all these features are what make Android OS great?