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Best Indie Android games to play in 2018

Independent game developers have found in the mobile market great platforms to expose their products to millions of users. Of course, this is not an easy job, however, the resources are out there to convert your ideas into amazing mobile games. Keeping up with our recommendations on Android games worth to play in 2018,  we would like to talk about some of the new indie highlights, especially for those developers interested in taking their game idea to the major applications stores. Red Puzzle game Red was created by Bart Bonte, a Belgian game designer, who has released a dozen...

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Top 5 books to learn Kotlin

Since Kotlin was announced as a new supported language in Android at last year’s Google I/O conference, many people have been interested in finding the best options to learn it. Launched by JetBrains seven years ago, Kotlin gained acceptance among the developer´s community due to the simplification of its code lines; it is considered by many to be more understandable than Java without having to sacrifice performance, for instance. Even though Java continues to be the most popular programming language supported by Android, the use of this open sourced programming language, under Apache 2.0 licence, will increase substantially in...

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Why learning Android App Development is still a great thing to do?

Learning Android App Development is still a great thing to do because there is so much going on in this area. It’s a profit-making profession on high demand. There are many innovative ideas in the mobile applications market, and the growth of new technologies that will improve the mobile environment assure us a great outcome for the investment in these type of careers. Smart home apps, voice-activated apps, artificial intelligence and Chatbots in e-commerce, are only some of the technologies looking to be part of the mobile world. The main goal of all them is to make our lives...

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Best courses to learn Android App Development in 2018

Learning Android development continues to be one of the best decisions for professionals who wants to get prepared to find a job in a tech area. Just as many specialized websites like or U.S. Bureau of labor statistics indicate, there will be more people with these type of jobs by 2024. This is a trend we’ve talked before and that will remain for this year. With this in mind, and knowing that today is the best time to learn Android App development, we’d like to talk about the best courses currently available to learn how to build mobile...

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Best Augmented Reality apps for Android

Augmented Reality (AR) isn’t a new technology. In fact, it has been around for a while, however, we cannot deny it became incredibly visible for all, thanks to an excellent app like Pokemon Go, which made it a highly known trend given the fantastic way that it lets you interact with your surroundings. Apps using AR enables us to extend our environment by giving more information and digital content linked to locations and physical objects near to us. GPS and camera functionalities are used to provide the best experience of this trend considered as a winning idea for mobile...

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