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Why User Experience is important in App development?

A great design will always catch the attention of users, however, we also need to think about the type of experience we are giving them, if we want to keep them interested in a long term and get excellent reviews from our product. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, User Experience “encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products”. In order to provide a good User Experience (UX) you must identify the specific needs of the customers and go further, by making them feel truly satisfied in any discipline that is part...

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Best Android apps to learn a foreign language

It goes without saying that apps have made our lives a lot easier. We’ve seen how mobile devices and apps have changed our social dynamics, specifically in the ways we communicate and get things done nowadays. In more detail, when it comes to the ways we get things done, you can easily stand out how we learn online today. For instance, being able to speak new languages have always been something that people are interested in. We won’t deny there is quite an offer of apps out there if you wish to speak a new language. However, depending on...

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Understanding Smartphones Specs

Every year, manufacturers launch new models of smartphones with amazing specs as technology continues to evolve. People that are familiarized with the mobile world understand almost everything about the new features and specs that companies make public year by year in a congress or tech expositions. However, in a world where millions of users are pending of new trends on smartphones and tablets, it’s necessary to make it easier to understand the meaning of their most important features and specs, specially of those that make the main differences between mobile devices. Processor The processor is the core component of...

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How profitable is to develop apps?

Nowadays, we can find all types of apps in our daily life that help us for work, business, studies or entertainment. Even personal services have now also become mobile like food ordering, banking and e-commerce. With so much interest going on about mobile apps development, you may be wondering, How profitable is it to create a mobile app? Or more importantly, What are the revenues for app development? With that in mind, we´d like to share with you some of its figures and numbers. App development: A fast growing business Right now, the App economy is at one of...

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How to boost your gaming performance on Android devices

In 2007, when Google decided to launch their Operating System, they made the crucial choice of making it an open source project. They wanted to provide developers more facilities and freedom to create apps, by taking advantage of all the features that Android tools offer. Those features allow, not only developers but users as well, to look for hidden features on their devices to boost their performance experience in terms of graphics, battery life or stability, among others. These features, known as “Developer options”, are hidden in the device settings and they are easy to activate. Android users that...

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