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How Google Play Instant is upgrading existing apps and help them to get noticed

Instant Apps was released by Google some months ago as a functionality so that users could run applications almost instantly, without an installation being required. The main goal was to become an “evolution in app sharing and discovery”, providing just the experience we all users want from new apps before choosing whether to download them or not into our smart devices. Obviously, this idea also tries to benefit Android developers by enabling an easier way to get to their apps in different type of channels like Search, Social Media, Messaging or the Google Play Store. We made a prior...

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Best Android apps for reading ebooks

The way people read their favorites books and personal documents changed years ago. While some people might still look for the sensation provided by reading a book in its physical form, there are many others who seek for the digital version since it can be lighter, less expensive or stored in just one place. Getting an e-Reader could be the best choice for those wanting a device almost exclusively for this matter, however, there are many Android apps out there that can also get the job done on your smartphone or tablet, while providing you more customization settings or...

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Books every Android developer should read

As we´ve seen before, books are one of the most useful resources to learn something new. It is also true that, given their format, online courses or video tutorials are more popular, however, you can always use a good book to either acquire or complement your knowledge and skills. Last year, we reviewed some of the best books to learn Android programming and mobile app development, and we would like to Keep up with our recommendations of books that can help you become a better Android developer. Mastering Android Development with Kotlin This book was created by Miloš Vasić,...

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Android Apps for Filmmakers

Apps have improved our lives in all different ways, you can even say there is an app for any task needed to be done or at least make it easier. There are a lot of useful apps for filmmakers too, which can help them to perform their work or projects in a better way. These apps are dedicated to help you expose correctly, monitor your work, get the perfect focus, add cool effects, record sound properly or even edit your videos directly from your mobile device. That said, we would like to talk about some of the best filmmaking...

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Top 5 Android apps for illustrators

We show you the best Android applications for illustrators. There are many applications that illustrators can find useful to draw directly from their smart devices. As artists, illustrators know inspiration often comes unexpectedly. Sometimes we might get focused in our home or office, but other times we might get it on the street, and it is at these specific moments that it comes handy to carry on a smartphone rather than a graphics tablet. For those who choose to illustrate on a digital format right away, and think that trying to remember the idea once you get home is...

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