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Best Android devices of 2017 (part 1)

Android devices surprise everybody year by year. These are products of constant progress and development made by big companies willing to discover and implement new advances and technologies on their devices. This year, there were many interesting Android devices presented and introduced into the market. Here we make the first part of our list of top 5 best Android devices in 2017, based on common opinions found in other specialized tech websites and blogs. 1. Samsung Galaxy S8 There are two different versions available of this powerful machine that, once again, has taken the lead of high-end devices. Galaxy...

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Benefits of creating an app for my business

Google Play has about 2.8 millions of mobile apps, and this number is expected to keep increasing in the near future, along with its usage by consumers. The usage of mobile applications in just about a year has grown by 20%, covering diversity of markets: games, social networking, entertainment, utilities, news and productivity, health fitness and lifestyle. It’s a fact, mobile apps market is growing and it represents a huge opportunity for businesses to expand its presence and acquire more customers. What are the benefits of creating an app for my business? Few years back, having an application was...

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Kotlin vs Java, What is the difference?

The most recent presentation of Kotlin in the latest Google I/O conference was a big announcement that represents news programming opportunities for Android app developers. As it is known, Kotlin is the new support language for Android Development. What´s happening with Java? Java continues as the official language for Android Development. But surely, at this point, you must remark that both Java as Kotlin are friendly programming languages that seek to innovate Android developers choices. With so many recent expectations about Kotlin, and KontlinConf arriving soon, you must think that Java probably is being phased out. Well, not for...

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Naming your app

Naming your app is one of the most difficult steps during your entire creation process. A name is closely connected to the main functions of a product, so it should be  appropriate and something users can instantly identify or relate to your app. What makes a good app name? If you’re about to finish the developing process, and picking your app´s name is the only thing left to do, then you must definitely take some time to think about it. Don’t rush, there are several factors you have to consider to properly choose your app´s name. We´d like to...

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How mobile devices changed users behaviors and necessities

Since the smartphones takeover in 2007, when Google and Apple started the challenge for making the best OS to satisfy new users needs than didn’t exist before, the behaviors of consumers has been changing over the years. The constant change on the behavior of mobile device users forces developers to be aware of new trends, likes and objectives, in order to be at the forefront and constantly updated. Thanks to the easy access to the Internet, people have found on mobile devices, the perfect gadget to develop many assignments that they couldn’t do before. Life before Smartphones You might...

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