Since 2008, when smartphones took over the mobile world, many changes in the way we interact as human beings have occurred. One of the most significant is the way people currently make business through m-commerce.  

The e-commerce has a lot to do with this big change, with the appearance of websites like Amazon, e-Bay or Best Buy. However, in the last years, the mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) has been growing to the point of being fundamental to complement these web platforms.


This constant growth have made m-commerce to become a whole new subject. It was just a matter of time so that e-commerce apps started to be developed as  platforms itselves with payment methods and delivery options. Given the characteristics of the mobile world, m-commerce started to take a place in the market.

M-commerce makes purchasing online a lot easier

Different opinions about m-commerce could be found in terms of efficiency and users satisfaction. Some negative views rely on the difficulty of surpassing the sales method and the efficacy built in e-commerce, through websites, over the years. However, m-commerce is becoming more important day by day. Credit card companies and Android, through the Play Store, have contributed to this matter.

According to Business Insider,  m-commerce doesn’t provide the best experience to users but it is functional. This could be because m-commerce development is still an unexplored field, yet with a lot of potential.  

Social Positives mentions that one of the main disadvantages of m-commerce is that mobile devices don’t have big screens -unlike laptops or desktops-. This situation tires users up when they have to search for several things they want to buy.

That makes it just an adaptation issue. Remember that most of the new technologies have this problem at some time, usually during the first years, so it’s normal that some users still don’t trust on new payment methods or apps like Android Pay.

However, m-commerce can provide better features than e-commerce. It is easier to purchase through an object you carry with you almost all the time, and that’s one of the reasons it has became an independent way for sales business in the digital world.

While Android becomes the most popular OS in the world, the main advantage for m-commerce is that it can satisfy all the needs that people have when shopping online. It also provides a wide range of choices for users, where the millions of apps in Google Play are an adding factor for the m-commerce´s cause.

Mobiles have made it easier to share products, ask for opinions / reviews or just download apps from Google Play to make the process of purchasing online a lot easier. We can say for sure that mobile usage for this matter will continue growing.

Android developers then have to focus on building these kind of apps attractive and user-friendly. They have to create the sensation that you don’t have be an skilled consumer to buy the items you need while avoiding any bad experience on the checkout process.


So, if you’re willing to make some m-commerce platform, don’t forget to make an app that helps customers to have a nice experience and, overall, that gets him to buy the item that he or she is looking for.  

You can always follow these tips for building a successful Android App.

Do you agree e-commerce is starting to become mobile?