In this digital era, dominated by Android on the mobile device sector, making apps has became a trendy career in just a few years. Nobody thought ten years ago that we’d be discussing about building a career in app development to satisfy the needs of millions of users.

Now we are here, talking about all the marvelous things that Android has to offer to humanity thanks to the creation of millions of apps, which we can easily find in the Play Store. This also guarantees a bright future for people studying Android App development as a career.

Android App development has a promising future, but right now it is also a reality, since it’s currently an important and attractive profession that generates jobs for thousands of people around the world.

So, if you want to build an Android Career, you’ll first have to know what programming languages you should learn:


First of all, you have to know that the official language for Android development is Java. Most of Android OS is written in Java.

Java is a programming language that became very popular since the first color display mobiles started to use it to develop games and some daily-use tools, in order to increase the value of phones at that time.

Android APIs are designed to be called primarily from Java, although it’s allowed to develop Apps in C/CC+ language. Despite you could use other languages, Google promotes the use of Java platform.

Some time ago, we made an infographic about the differences of using these programming languages when developing apps for Android.

In brief, the first language you must learn is Java. You can start learning about Java Fundamental for Android Development to learn all about this programming language.


The new programming language for Android Development was revealed at Google I/O conference this year. As we said a few weeks ago, it belongs to JetBrains and it was launched in 2011.

This programming language it’s supported in Android Studio and given this announcement it will become popular very soon among developers. If you have a solid knowledge on Java, you’ll adapt to this language easily.

These are the most important and friendly language programs that you’ll find to develop apps in Android Studio.

Other useful resources to develop Android apps

You can always make use of other essential Android Development tools if you want to develop amazing apps. Such tools include official Android IDE, Android Studio; softwares like Genymotion, which works as an Android emulator or Corona SDK, based on Lua, for 2D game development.

Speaking about Game development tools to create Android games, in the past we made a list of some useful resources in this regard.

All in all, you should know that because Java continues to be the official supported language for Android development, you are more likely to find more documentation about it,  given its large community of users. More information will definitely help you   solve most of your doubts when developing Android apps.

Being aware of all the tools available out there for Android app development will help you to define what you need to learn next in order to become a great developer.

Now tell us, what other languages or tools have you used to develop Android apps?