Apps have entered our lives to provide us all kind of uses, from serving us as management and productivity tools to making us enjoy our leisure time.

More than likely, someone has told you the phrase: “There’s an app for that”, and chances are that, with over 3 billion (and counting) apps available in Google Play Store, this is true for almost anything.

Despite this amazing amount of launched apps, we might not know about the different options out there, which is especially useful for entrepreneur developers looking for some inspiration of ideas for an app.

With that in mind, we’d like to talk about a few that you might didn’t know existed, some more useful than others, but that are definitely worth trying.


This app allows you to scan artworks and identify them, providing you additional information such as the author and the story behind a sculpture or painting. The artworks you’ve scanned will be stored in the app so you can build your own art gallery on your device.

The interest of its creators is to re-frame the use of smartphones in museums, as a medium to generate engagement rather than a distraction.

Right now, Smartify is only available at some of the world’s most popular museums and galleries, although the number of venues making use of it is expected to grow.


This app has been around for a while now. RunPee was created to improve your experience whenever you need to go to the bathroom or take a break while going to the movies.

They have a significant database of movies (weekly updated) that have been analyzed in order to provide you the exact times you may go out without missing the best scenes. A timer function will discreetly notify you when a pee time is coming, and when you get back you can read the synopsis of what you’ve missed.

You can also find information about the first three minutes of a movie in case you are running late, among other features for all those moviegoers who don’t want to miss a single thing.

Zombies, Run!

Sometimes you might just want to make your walks, jogs or runnings a little more interesting, and this app is perfect for that.

With Zombies, Run! you’ll get immersed into an audio adventure / running game. The app offers a whole world full of stories and missions for you to accomplish, in which you collect supplies as you move in order to grow your base.

Certainly a unique experience for all those who want to enjoy a good story while going out for a run.


This is a perfect app for travelers, regardless your travel frequency, since it helps your making your packing list. Just enter your destination, date of travel, length of stay and the activities you are more likely to do and then you´ll get a list of the things you need to pack to enjoy your trip.

A useful tool to remind of everything you need to take with you, from essentials things (clothes and toiletries) to international (adapters and insurance cards).


Created by the Software Engineer, Yu Chen Hou, this app is designed to help you sleep and start your next day in a better way. Based on the natural patterns of sleep of 90 minutes, the app calculates when you should go to bed or wake up once you set a time.

This simple app could make you feel more rested and clear-minded, as you won’t be tired of having woken up during your sleep cycles.

So, these are some apps we can all take advantage of, one way or the other. We can always be inspired by the most uncommon app ideas because, as you can see, these ones have found a niche.

Now tell us, Which app do you like the most? Do you find them useful?