Android development has become a popular career due to the global impact that mobiles have reached in our lives for the last years. Especially, for those who use the mobile OS created by Google, which continues leading the market with a share of 77.2%, taking a huge advantage over its competitors.

Developers have several options to learn about Android development now. Universities offer app and web development careers and there are many online courses that can help you get introduced into the Android development world, just like the Micromaster Program, where you can begin your way to become a professional Android developer.

However, whether as a beginner or an experienced developer in Android development, you should also know that there are other resources worth to check out. For example, Google offers a training for Android and web developers, for those looking to get started in the development world or that want to improve their knowledge on this matter.   

The developers training program is focused to strengthen your knowledge and skills in diverse aspects such as learning about Firebase; getting entrepreneur skills; specific programs aimed at developers in India, Indonesia and Africa; or getting certified by Google itself to demonstrate your proficiency and skills.   

In the Android development section there are options for new programmers beginner and for experienced developers, so you are free to start at your own level. As we said before, if you’re a professional developer, you can take these advanced lessons in order to get a Google certification.

Every module has lessons designed by Google Developers Training Team.

Google Developers Training modules

Besides the Beginners and Advanced courses in Android development, you can improve your design skills by taking the UX Design for mobile developers or the Material Design for Android course. However, you can dive into deeper topics like Device location, Google Maps addition, Firebase Analytics or Android TV to name a few.   

There is also a Kotlin Bootcamp for programmers, so you can learn the essentials of this programming language from experts at Google. The entrepreneur section includes courses in App marketing and Getting your startup started.  

Multiple resources for identified niches are offered too, like in India (Developer Skilling), Indonesia (Some courses available in Bahasa Indonesia) and Africa (Increasing high-quality education to train over 100,000 developers).

Wrapping up

Google Developers Training is a good option for people who want to start their journey on Android development and for those who wish to back their knowledge of advanced programming skills.

Remember that you can also get a Google Developers Certification by passing the exams on the platform. With a prior gained knowledge, just like the one you can get in the Professional Android Developer Course, you can also prepare to get certified.  

So, the Google Developers Training is part of the multiple resources you may find online improve your develop your profile. Make sure to check all the options you have in order to become a complete professional Android developer.

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