An important part of becoming a great Android developer is to update your tech knowledge. Today, It is easier than ever to take part of an online course to learn about app development. As you get prepared you enhance your chances to create an Android app.     

However, just as important as gaining technical skills in programming is being able to define a good app idea to create an Android app. This, in the case you want to be an Android Developer entrepreneur.

create an android app

As we mentioned on a prior post about how to tell if your app idea is a good one, you must realize that the app is not the idea itself, what matters is how you use it to solve a common problem among people. In other words, it’s about how you implement that idea.    

The biggest secret of the most popular apps in Play Store is that their creators found an interesting idea that fulfilled user´s needs, proposing new ways to achieve tasks or creating something that made people’s life easier.

Say it this way it sounds easy but, as you probably already know, it is not. Although, there are some relevant aspect to consider if you want to pick the best idea for an app.

Let’s talk a little more about some tips that may help you in your search for the right app idea:

Focus on solving problems

Overall, apps are created to solve problems. Let’s think about two great examples: Instagram and Shazam.

The first app was created to satisfy a simple demand: the need to share moments of our lives, enabling a nice visual format to do so. The second app has become our savior when we want to know the name of an old or new song we don’t know. There’s been a good implementation in both of them.

So, you can start thinking of one problem that you could solve with your app, whether it’s institutional, public service or entertainment industry related. Remember, sometimes the more specific the problem it solves, the more special your app becomes, but that does not mean you should not think of expanding your idea.

Define the main objective of your app

Defining your main objective will help you finding the path you need to follow -be aware this could change over time- in order to accomplish that goal.

Some questions that can help you out and make your objective stronger are:

What’s the main function of the app?

What features will make your app attractive to Android users?

What’s your best option to monetize your Android app?

After answering these type of questions, you’ll realize that your main objective will be stronger and you’ll be more convinced if it is worth to create that app or not. So, don’t forget to do this kind of exercises.

Make some research before you create an Android app

It is also important to do some research in the app market in order to get an idea of your competition, the reachability your app could get, features similar apps may have and any other information that helps you to improve your product.

You can do your own research on Play Store or use tools like Google Keyword Planner that could help you to find relevant information about your specific market.

After you finish this, you’ll have a better understanding of your chances of success, and how functional it could be to launch your app into Play Store.

Remember, testing is key and you should do it as often as you can. Get all the feedback you can and mostly from target users.

Tell us, What other things you consider important when picking an app idea to develop in Android?