We’ve talked before about the importance of reading to improve our profile. It’s in the books that we can find a guide to learn something new or end up understanding a specific knowledge.

There are also important books we can turn to if we want to improve our entrepreneur skills. Many written by successful entrepreneurs who have decided to share their personal experiences and thoughts about this matter.

You might have heard about some or all of these books before, our goal is to let you know why they are a great source of inspiration for everyone looking to be a successful entrepreneur.    

That said, let’s discuss one of the best books that beginner entrepreneur must read:

1) The Four Steps to the Epiphany

This book is considered a classic that contributed to the launch of the Lean Startup revolution, more than a decade ago.

Its author, Steve Blank, points out how the difference between existing companies and startups are fundamental: While existing companies execute known business models, startups search for a business model.   

The book helps you with your customer development process by improving your product and business plans. A must-read for everyone beginning a new project.

2) The Lean Startup

Eric Ries presents us the Lean Startup strategy for new business, where people deal with having to create something new under extremely uncertain conditions. Ries exposes the common mistakes of failed startups. However, these concepts can also be applied to any business that wants to become sustainable.

The approach of this book is to provide readers a way to test their vision constantly, knowing when significant changes are required and adopting their company to current situations guided by innovation.

3) Zero to One

In this book, Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and early investor of Facebook, shares his thoughts about how to create new things. Thiel parts from the premise that real progress can be achieved when you learn to think for yourself.  

This is considered to be a masterpiece about true innovation since uniqueness is only found when we stop doing what someone else already knows how to do. It teaches you how to find value in unexpected places, doing something never done before that’ll take us from zero to one.

4) The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Businessman an investor, Ben Horowitz, wrote this book, in which he shares his experience developing, managing and selling tech companies. Here, we’ll find valuable advice about real situations leaders have to face in many phases when creating a startup.

This book can teach you how to build relationships at work in order to achieve better results. By focusing on how to deal with difficult situations, Horowitz helps us understand what’s required to lead a team and how to take the best possible decisions.  

5) Traction

This book tells you really matters when it comes to startups is how consistently you can grow and acquire new customers, or what they call traction. After getting this, all thing become a little easier.    

Through 19 channels, Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares, teach you how to build a customer base and choose the right ones for your business. The book contains interviews of successful entrepreneurs and helps you to think outside the box for customer acquisition.

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We find these books to be truly motivating for all beginner entrepreneurs. Make sure to check them out if you want to learn how to become an innovator in your field.

So, Have you already read some of these books? What are your thoughts about them?