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How online courses can help you find a job

Online courses became the main alternative to traditional education to get an specialization. Online education is based on students interests, mainly considering their time and learning pace. Making the decision to take an online course allows professionals to boost their careers and improve their job opportunities, having a degree is not enough anymore. How this learning process contribute to my professional profile? There are so many ways to get the most out of online education, being a self taught person and being aware of trends can help you to outstand on your work area. The Google Developer Expert and...

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How Android democratizes access to information

Not long time ago owning a smartphone or any kind of smart device seemed to be symbol of status. Despite current conditions where most people around us appear to have at least one (more than one in some cases) smart devices, we must remember it wasn’t always like this. Even more, there are certain parts of the world where people is now getting online for the first time. To prove our point, see how the number of smartphones sold to end users worldwide has been increased over time. Source: Statista It is undisputed how Android openness, among many other...

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How can Android developers stand out?

Depending on what part of the world you are in, it could be different to stand out as an Android developer. People from countries with bigger population may struggle with different situations than people from smaller countries, where standing out is relatively less difficult. But, this could also mean you may have to start things like Android Communities in your own country in order to make yourself a name. That being said, the most important thing to remind is that you must be able to detect your own abilities. When interviewing some of the instructors of the Professional Android...

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The contribution of Android to economic growth

Android Operating System was created with the aim of offering an accessible and free development platform. The outcome of this has gone beyond expectations, generating a positive impact to the world’s economy. The launch of an open source system has allowed companies to reduce production costs by 25 percent, developers didn’t have to pay a fee for a license anymore and development time was reduced for those who chose to create their own personalized system. Android also helped to innovate the mobile market providing more choices for consumers, allowing developers to customize a wide range of mobile devices without...

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Android helps innovate the mobile market

According to Google´s registers there are more than 24,000 types of Android devices made by 1,300 different brands worldwide. Since its appearance Android has contributed to the rise of mobile market providing a wide range of choice for every kind of consumer.   People from all over the world now have access to powerful devices ranging between $100 and $500. Something that seemed unthinkable nearly 10 years ago, and Android´s contribution to the cause of getting more device options at affordable prices is undeniable. But, how does Android innovate the market? Well, to get started, being Android an open...

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