If you are an avid reader of this blog, you´ll know the many times we’ve mentioned about the multiple benefits of becoming an Android developer nowadays. Furthermore, if you are enrolled in the Professional Android Developer course you are likely to recognize the importance of improving your profile and building a career in this matter.

Do you remember that time when you didn’t have an app to do that thing you commonly do these days? Maybe taking notes, watching a movie or the news, playing a game, reading some book or chatting with people who are away?

If you do, you certainly understand how easy our lives are now compared to our lives before mobile apps. If you don’t, well … maybe you can’t even imagine a world without apps.

Yeah, using apps for our daily activities is just great. But, what does this mean for those who want to develop apps?  This situation can be considered as an opportunity to learn about Android development and a reason why you should become a Professional Android Developer, since the mobile market has one of the greatest projections for the future.

Companies seek an online presence 

Something that comes quickly to our minds on how Android development is changing the world is the economic aspect, by creating job positions that were just unthinkable ten years ago.

It is just like Instructor of the course, Noé Branagan, once told us: “Companies are becoming increasingly aware that an online presence is required in today’s market”. And that is an excellent opportunity for  app developers.   

Branagan also talked about some of the best practices for Android App development, if you want to check them out.  

GMSA has made a report about mobile economy in 2017, in which it is estimated that 4.7 billion people will access internet by mobile by 2020. Also, the industry investment will add an amount of $700 billion by 2020.

These figures detail the growth of mobile ecosystem, however, this will contribute app development as well. Remember Google Play has released more apps than any other major store on the market. Soon it will store over 3 billion apps.

Generating mobile trends in Android Development

The thing about software development and technology, specially the one in charge of great companies -which is the case of Android- is that they are in constant evolution. They are often getting better and this is one of the reasons, for instance, that there are so many versions of Android.

Being the most popular Operating System of the world means you have the chance of generating the trends people will use everyday in their devices. This is something Android has understood and has done very well to date.   

This year’s Google I/O showed us where technology is heading to: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Artificial Intelligence will be more integrated into app development for the creation of new mobile experiences, in which gaming is obviously included.       

This means that in the app development market, opportunities increase as technologies improve, because we’ll need more people specialized in the new areas to which market is heading to.

It all begins with the step of choosing to become an app developer and preparing to learn about it. In your case, taking our Professional Android Developer course.    


These are only some of the ways Android development has changed the world and will continue changing it. As new technologies are provided we modified the ways we socialize, entertain, gain knowledge or even make business with each other; and we can’t deny that Android has contributed to that change.