Creating a photo editing app is great for developers because it is an excellent opportunity to understand the required tools to build one of the hottest types of apps on the market right now, but it’s also something you can add to your powerful portfolio.

photo editing app

Now, in order to create a photo editing app you’ll need to understand about image processing to enable users to apply filters, improve photo´s quality or crop and align a picture, for instance. You must consider about other features too, like an image feed or a gallery section.    

The thing about photo editing apps is that they are a great way to let people be creative, and how not to be it when there are many cool features that impacts users engagement, by encouraging everyone to show their artistic side.

An excellent exercise for Android developers

Besides the benefit of adding a valuable work sample to your portfolio, developing a photo editing app for Android is something you can do to expose yourself due Android soon will be the most popular operating system in the world.   

You must be aware that this is an exercise for advanced Android developers and it will be covered, among many others, in the Professional Android App Development course.

It’s worth to remind that a good way to learn is to pay attention to the details that previous developers have polished and added to their apps, just like Instagram did some years ago.

Additionally, there are plenty photo editing apps out there you can download to find out what makes them unique at its own way, analyzing features that you want to add to your project or choosing which ones to skip.