Right now you can find thousands of games in Google Play Store, and they will continue increasing in the future. If you ever have played Clash Royale, Angry Birds, Pokémon Go, or some others iconic games, you definitely know the reason why is worth to develop games for mobile devices.

Games development can reach great revenues  

Last year the 90% of Google Play’s revenues came out of games, it was definitely an amazing year for Android!

Up to date, there are 3.3. million apps available in the Play Store. To give you an idea, according to Statista, these are the numbers of the leading games in Android  until mid-year. A high amount for sure. Nevertheless, most of these games are free to download.

So, how is it possible to have such high revenues from a game app? Well, monetization via in-game purchases is key to achieve such high incomes. Some of these purchases include boosters, accessories or required tools to complete a game.

Of course, before building this strategy, you must develop an amazing game that people actually want to play. That is why you must keep in mind what features could be developed in your game that will make a difference among other options out there.

Necessary tools for Android games

Before you start developing an app, keep in mind that Android Studio is the “standard” tool for Android App development. You can also find different online tutorials that explains you the first basic step of an Android game project.

As we discussed in the past,  you should learn Android Studio and Java, which is the main programming language for Android app development. However, why not trying Kotlin as well? the more you get actualized, the more you´ll  be able to add to your game project.

You can find a variety of Game development tools online that will also help you in the process of developing your Android game.

Have fun, it´s a game

The process of developing a game could get difficult somehow, you should be aware of this. Developing a game consists of three main areas: the coding part, the artistic part and the promotional part.

But, What makes a game successful? This is a good question that has not an easy answer. But there are some characteristics that gamers like if you implement them in your game, because it will challenge them and keep them interested.

Try originality, simplicity and make it easy to play, but don’t forget that taking risks is also part of this world: create a unique game instead of making a cheap copy of some other game in order to reach some expectations among gamers and get some revenues.

Making the difference

The app market is growing fast. So, it gets harder to make your noticed. Remember: Simple is better! The most successful games right now are those with basic concepts, because simplicity makes the games fun and highly addictive. You should try to focus on your art concept and promoting your app as well.

Your game must be great, but graphics are as important, as gameplay and the storyline. So be sure to use suitable development tools for your game. You can check out Android game development guide to get yourself involve in the world of game apps.

Tell us, What kind of games do you like? How do you think a game gets to stand out from the rest?